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CVS cheat sheet

by Rafael Oliveira last modified 2009-11-18 22:26


Adding a binary file:

cvs add -kb $FILE


cvs -d $CVSROOT co $MODULE

Update, behaving much like svn:

cvs update -PAd 2> /dev/null
# -P: prune empty directories
# -A: remove sticky stuff
# -D: create new directories
# Redirect to /dev/null to get only useful information.

Removing a file:

cvs rm -f $FILE
# -f: Delete the file [locally] before removing it [from the repository].

Tagging working copy:

cvs tag -R $TAG_NAME
# -R: recursive

Revert to base:

# There's no way to do this ! You have to fetch a previous version and replace manually:

Revert to a previous version:

cvs log $FILE
# figure out which revision you want from the log.
cvs update -A -r -p $VERSION $FILE  > $FILE.old
# -p: print file to stdout

Or simply update from the current version in the repository (HEAD):

rm $FILE
cvs update -A $FILE

Add recursively:

find . -type d -print | grep -v CVS | xargs cvs add
find . -type f -print | grep -v CVS | xargs cvs add

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